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Hey guys!

Hey guys! So glad you are here, we are super excited you are considering having us along to capture your story. We are a super passionate bunch and would love to work with you!

You should find what you need below, but any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss.

Chat to you soon,Dan, Emma & Kris


Thanks for asking, we are three wedding photographers (obviously). But first and foremost we are friends. Our passion for shooting weddings brought us together and we really do care about you, your day and all things weddings.

We set really high standards for ourselves and delivering images you'll cherish forever is the goal. Although we take our work pretty seriously, ourselves on the other-hand we do not. (See below)

When you book, you book one of us, you can request a second shooter if you feel you need one. More on this below.



We do really try to keep things as simple as possible for you. We come along. you have the best day ever, you hardly even notice us doing our thing. We shoot your day in a real and authentic way that truly reflects how the day was. No gimmicks or awkward posing. Just good times by you, captured by us.


Every wedding is different, so we have built packages that best reflect the kinds of things couples are after. However, if you would like us to tailor a wedding package to your requirements, get in touch and we can work together on this.

DIGITAL LUXE // £4,650

12 Hours coverage
Deluxe Memory Box
USB High Res Images (Print Ready, no watermarks)
Slideshow Film
Online Password Gallery

FAMILY // £7,200

15 Hours coverage
Fine Art Album with 25 spreads
Deluxe Memory Box
USB High Res Images (Print Ready, no watermarks)
Slideshow Film
Online Password Gallery

FAMILY LUXE + // £12,000

Full Wedding coverage
Fine Art Album with 25 spreads
X2 Parent albums (duplicates of main album)
Pre Wedding Photo session
Personalised Guestbook
Second Shooter
Deluxe Memory Box
USB High Res Images (Print Ready, no watermarks)
Slideshow Film
Online Password Gallery

DESTINATION // £6,500*

Full wedding coverage
Deluxe Memory Box
USB High Res Images (Print Ready, no watermarks)
Slideshow Film
Online Password Gallery

*Flights, accommodation and travel on top. 
We always try to get the cheapest most cost effective options.


FILM LUXE + // £5,500

- 4-6 minute highlight film
- One Film Maker

FILM FAMILY LUXE + // £6,500

- 4-12 minute highlight film
- Speeches (separate) 
- Ceremony (separate)


- 15-20 minute Epic Film
- Speeches in full (Separate) 
- Ceremony in full (Separate)
- 2 Film makers
- 1 Minute teaser
- Drone Footage
- 12 Hours coverage


Drone Footage

Extra Shooter


Fine Art Albums & Extras

Fine Art Album 
6X6 Parent Album

Fine Art Album 

Fine Art Albun
10X10 (Our fav size)

Fine Art Album

Additional extra's and products

Second Shooter

Extra hour coverage
£250 per hour


Pre Wedding Session

Personalised Guestbook

Guest Download code

Image back up

Additional USB of all High Res Images


We know the modern Bride / Groom look at all those "Questions to ask your photographer blogs" and we are all for it. 
So with that in mind, we have tried to pull together those frequently asked questions to help you out, because we are nice like that. 

Should you not be able to find your answer here, head on over to the contact us page and get in touch. We'd be pleased to help.

We hate having our photo taken, how are you going to handle that?

We hear this a lot, and we totally get it! So our approach is less posey and more you have fun and we just capture the fun kind of vibe. We might ask you to head into some nice light, but apart from that, we hope you don't even know we are there! It's a nice mix of natural and informal, but still trying to capture you guys in the best light / way possible.

We are getting married abroad, how does it all work?

We have a real soft spot for travelling, all of us LOVE it so where ever you are headed, we'd love to come along! An elopement in Scotland, sounds dreamy to us! Or a Tuscan wedding, hit us up.

Flights, accommodation and car rental either side of the wedding day itself is additional to this package. We always look for the cheapest options to keep these costs as low as possible. Early morning flights, no problem.

We would usually travel out to you guys the day / morning before your wedding, we can usually make time to come along to the pre wedding meal or party. Take some snaps and get to know the squad. Then shoot the wedding day and even come along to the after party the following day and capture this!

We are having a big wedding, do we need a second shooter?

The simple answer is, it's entirely up to you. If you are having a small intimate wedding of 50 people, it would be overkill to have two photographers there. If you are having a wedding with 150+ guests then although not essential it would be beneficial to have two photographers.

Another thing to consider is if you are having a very formal church wedding, firstly checking photography is allowed in the church (some are extremely strict) and secondly whether we can move around. Generally speaking we don't move around very much and we would be at the front capturing the action however, if you wanted the angle from the back of the church (down the isle) you might require a second shooter. 

We love to party, do you stay late?

This is a big fat YES. We hear it all the time on the dance-floor; "You are still here!?" If you have a crazy party, regardless to the time, we stay and we shoot / party with you! We love it, so go hard or go home kind of vibe for us! Hit that dance floor hard, we want to see people on shoulders, beer being thrown around, people long arming their champagne. Let's have the BEST party ever guys!

Pre Wedding sessions

Pre wedding sessions are a great chance for us to get together leading up to the wedding day itself and get to know you guys in front of camera. Some people hate certain aspects of themselves and it's always good to iron out and make mental notes on things that do and don't work with you as a couple. 

We get it, not all couples are super lovely dovey PDA kind of people and that's cool with us. A PW Session allows us to get to know you, and you'll come away with some awesome photos!

You can even use them for your Save the date, wedding website or invites! People have even used them as a signing board or a Guestbook.

What happens if you are sick?

We hope that we never have to deal with this issue, and in the 15 years of shooting weddings, we have never missed one. BUT if the situation were to arise that we were unable to shoot your day, we are a team of three so hopefully one of us is free. 

If we are all out shooting that day which sometimes does happen, then we are part of an incredible online SOS Emergency cover Facebook group and cover would be arranged. We would then handle all the image editing and delivery as usual. We really, really hope this never happens though.

How do we book?

Great, so you like what you see and are ready to book? Awesome!
All you need to do is ping us an e-mail and we will send over a booking form. Pay the £500 deposit and you are all set!
It's that simple.
You'll then recieve some goodies in the post as confirmation of your booking.
We will then catch up nearer the wedding, maybe a few months out to run through the plans for the big day and this can be done in person at our studio here in Colchester, over the phone or via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, whatever you prefer. We strongly recommend some face to face before the wedding.


Absolutely! If you are based anywhere in the South East, we can set up a date for you guys to come to the studio here in Colchester. If you are based further away this can be done on Facetime / Skype / Zoom. Whatever you prefer. 

We believe it's important to get to know 
you guys, trust us, it will really help when we are shooting your wedding day! It is cliche but, if you feel like we have a connection, you'll feel more relaxed in front of camera. TRUST.


We do indeed! Chris, our videographer is a very talented dude, he blends seamlessly into your day and creates a film that's unique to you and the day that unfolds. Click here to see some of the films we have made, or click on the film link below! 

side note. It is so much easier to book a videographer with us, we know how each other works, we don't get in each others way and when capturing you guys, there's no waiting around for everyone to "get their shot", we get it all at the same time. we capture a similar film to the photos so everything just flows nice and breezy and is consistent. Check out Chris work and do give us a shout if you'd like to chat about your videography!

We have a videographer in mind, will you work with them?

Absolutely! If you have found someone who's work you love, we of course will work with them! Here's a list of some we recommend. If we can give you any advice it's to book a videographer that is similar in style to our images, this will mean, generally speaking the way we work will be similar so we shouldn't get in each others way. 

We will always touch base with the videography team you book before the wedding to chat through the plans for the big day and to make sure we are all on the same page.

What about other suppliers?

Head on over to our Recommended list of suppliers and get in touch with them.  
We can vouch for each and every one of them being awesome at what they do! :)

Whens the final balance due?

Full payment is due two months before the wedding. We will send you your invoice and we accept online bank transfer. 
Unfortunately we can't accept credit card at the moment.

Are there any hidden costs?

Nope! We are completely transparent. The additional cost of 45p per mile for travel outside of Colchester is the only additional cost. 
If you choose or have an album in your package, additional page requests incur a fee as does choosing a bespoke cover option, however we can explain all of this down the line.

When will I receive my photos?

You will receive a few previews to wet your appetite after the wedding, usually the next day (unless we have another wedding straight after yours) then you will receive your wedding photos between 8-10 weeks after your wedding day. Sometimes this might be slightly longer due to how busy we are. With everything surrounding Covoid 19, we are shooting a lot more weddings in 2021 so the lead times might be slightly longer. We will be in constant contact and we promise if there's a wait, it will be worth it. We really appreciate your patience.

How many photos will we receive?

We prefer to say quality over quantity but, roughly between 900 images and 1,500 individually edited shots. No watermarks, logo's or any of that stuff, so you can print them and do with them as you wish. Also on your USB Stick will be your slideshow film, so if you have a smart tv or a laptop you can watch yourselves back like a couple of absolute rock star lovers! 

Whats the slideshow film?

So the slideshow film is a collection of our favourite moments from your wedding day. We build a beautiful slideshow, set to music and it's a really lovely way to encapsulate the feeling of the day. The music and the emotional images work so well together. 

This comes as part of every single package we offer, it will be on your USB Stick as an MOV file and both Windows & Mac can play it. 
You can also plug your USB Stick into a smart TV and watch yourselves back on the big screen. 

The Slideshow Film will also be on your private gallery on our website for a year! 
See an example below, and turn that music up! :)

how do we get our pictures?

After the wedding, you'll receive a beautiful USB Deluxe keepsake box. Inside the box is a bunch of our favourite prints from your wedding day, your USB Stick which includes all your High Res, Watermark free images, your slideshow film, some chocolates to enjoy and a Jo Malone Candle to make your house smell delightful. Every package comes with this box and it's absolutely one of our favourite parts of the delivery process to put these together. If you are local, you can collect from our studio here in Colchester, if you are further away or based in a different country this can be sent to you, please note, it's quite a big box and there is a cost for delivery.

We are having fireworks, that cool?

Fire them up baby! Yes, of course. We love capturing the fireworks. What we would normally ask is that you stand or cuddle together. Sounds obvious but not always the done thing! So grab each other tight and snuggle on up!

What about sparklers?

Sparklers are a great way to get some really beautiful photographs and it's cheap! You can buy a box of 100 for about £20! If we can suggest that you do these shots well before everyone is hammered. Fire + drunk people = dangerous. We'd say just after dark, so as soon as it's dark enough we crack on with this! Then everyone can continue to get absolutely smashed.

Did you say you had a drone?

Oh yes, we have a drone, her name is Doris. She's amazing. We can bring her along and capture shots like this (above) and it's always good for a big group shot as well. Just let us know if you'd like us to bring her along. Some venues can be quite strict, so talk to us first before speaking to them.

Insurance (boring stuff)

Yawn, this is the boring stuff but very important! We are fully insured and covered. Our full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

Albums, do we need one?

We strongly believe that the best way to present your wedding photographs is within a beautiful wedding album
The process is super easy, you simply select your favouirtes from your password gallery by hitting the heart button, this then sends us a list of all your favourites
We put together a design which we send over. You view, make any notes, changes etc..
Once approved, you pick your cover style and personalisation and then it's ordered and if by magic it arrives at your doorstep.

Watch the film about our albums


Feeling really lucky to work with amazing couples all over the world, here are what some of them have said about us.


After seeing Dan do his thing at my Sisters wedding in 2016 and at one of my best friends wedding in 2018, we knew he was the only photographer we would ever want to shoot our own wedding.
Dan is beyond talented and an absolute dream to work with. He radiates positivity and his fab sense of humour makes you feel instantly relaxed, it's like being with your friend who also happens to be capturing your big day.
He will spot every opportunity for an awesome shot. As soon as I mentioned that the boys were heading to the beach the morning of the wedding, Dan was like "right I'm there!".
Looking at our INSANELY BEAUTIFUL photographs we cannot believe that one person has managed to capture every part of the day, every detail, every emotion and at least one photograph of every guest.
If you are searching for a photographer for your wedding, look no further. Dan is your man!
Thank you for everything ☺️

Abbie & jamie

Struggling to put a review together that does half enough justice to just how amazingly professional, kind and talented D&A Photography are. 

If their photos didn’t convince you already - please take this review as confirmation that these are the photographers you need for your big day/special occasion. 

Thank you D&A Photography, for capturing our day so perfectly and feeling like part of our wedding party from start to finish. 

We absolutely loved celebrating with you and are going to treasure our photos forever.

Hoffy & Milano

I have been trying to find the words to adequately explain Dan (as a person and as a photographer) however I am not sure I can do either justice! But here goes...
We saw Dan shoot our friends wedding earlier in the year and instantly decided that we wanted him to capture our day.

We did zero research and ended up with the photographer of our dreams! However we could have researched our entire lives and not found anyone more suitable and more talented than Dan.

He is so unbelievably gifted and his passion for his work is contagious! He makes everyone feel so relaxed and comfortable and is genuinely such a pleasure to be around. He instantly felt like a life long friend and was more like a wedding guest opposed to our wedding photographer.

We are genuinely speechless and in awe of the moments and memories he was able to capture. The only problem we have now is that we want to print and frame them ALL!

Charlotte & Jamie

Would just like to say a few words about D&A and their professionalism which is absolutely first class. My wife Charlotte had known Dan from University and he also shot her sister's wedding. We knew we wanted to use Dan because of how amazing he was on that day.

On our day he was incredible, he went above and beyond to make sure he blended into the day, going unnoticed, getting truly amazing shots. We are both blown away with the images we have received. This man is an absolute master of photography. You'd be foolish not to have him.

It wouldn't have been the same without Dan there making everyone feel totally comfortable when he's behind the camera. We can't thank him enough.


We had kris on our wedding day 20.05.17 and he was amazing!!! 

I'm in love with all our pictures and there exactly how I wanted them to look!! He worked so hard throughout the day and caught loads of lovely little moments... 

Would highly recommend kris to anyone, he was lovely and made it all so easy. Had the best day of our lives and he's captured it all perfectly xx


Where do we start. If you are looking for a photographer to capture the true essence and feeling of your wedding day, then look no further! We cannot rate D&A any higher; they are extremely professional yet somehow manages to mingle in so well with your guests that they becomes one of them – so discrete!

D&A has such an amazing talent for capturing ‘moments’ which is exactly what you want on your wedding day. It’s not the formal photos that remind you how great your day was – it’s the natural fun and excitement that is so important to be documented. We didn't ask for one 'posed' shot and hand on our hearts have zero regrets. D&A Photography's ability not to miss a moment is incredible, and their energy and passion comes across in the photos.

Not only has D&A captured our wedding day in Italy so beautifully, they are now our friend. All our guests commented on what a top guys they really are! Book book D&A! These are photos you will have for a lifetime and generations on, their pictures are timeless and captures the day so PERFECTLY and naturally!

emily & Adam

We actually changed from our original photographer when I saw some photos Dan had taken at a friends wedding. I couldn’t stop looking at how beautiful they were and so had to have him! It was an absolute bonus he one of the nicest humans Me and my husband have ever met! 

He is an absolute gentleman who made everyone feel so comfortable. He became so part of the day and it wasn’t just me and Adam who felt comfortable with him everybody did. It’s so nice to work with people you 
instantly trust and Dans one of those people! 

A few of the guests even commented how lovely and non invasive he was and he made time for everyone. He even after packing up got his camera back out and stayed way beyond agreed because we were having so much fun on the dance floor and he wanted to capture it for us! 

Someone who goes above and beyond with beautiful photos I couldn’t recommend more and feel so grateful we got to have him shoot our big day! If you want the perfect photos honestly there is no better guy for the job.

Kathryn & Ben

There really are no words to describe how happy we are that we chose D&A Photography to take our Wedding photos, but I will try!

They are friendly, bubbly, passionate, professional and an all round legends, and from the first point of contact with them I felt like I was speaking to a friend. D&A are not your usual stare down the camera lens and feel awkward kind of wedding photographer, they are a natural moment capturing magicians, who snapped up the story of our day so perfectly that it brings tears to our eyes every time we go through our photos. 

Looking over them is like being taken back to our Wedding day and you really cannot get any better than that. The love for what they does shines through from the very start and we had so many comments from our guests saying they could see how much hard work and effort they were going to, to produce the perfect pictures for us!

Our finished photos are everything I have ever dreamed of and more and we will be forever grateful to D&A Photography for giving us the most beautiful forever memories that they have. If you're looking for a Wedding photographer don't bother looking anywhere else because your guy is right here! 

You won't get any better than this !!! 



We had Kris for our wedding and we couldn’t have asked for better company on the day. 

He was so lovely and calming from the moment he walked into the room and we felt at ease straight away. 

My family and friends nicknamed him the ninja as he was everywhere capturing all the best moments of the day. 

Felt a bit emotional when he left us as he had been there from start to finish. The previews we have seen already we have fallen in love with and I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you for everything


Not only did Dan fly halfway around the world but he made our wedding day. 

Though we had some issues with our venue that were quite stressful - his presence made us relaxed and enjoy every second despite the things going on in the background. For a couple that aren’t generally very confident in front of a camera we both felt so at ease with Dan. 

He was the best decision we made on our day and can’t recommend him enough. Thank you Dan for everything. 

holly & Tom

When considering which photographer to use for our wedding in Tuscany, Dan's work instantly stood out. We were looking for a photographer who would be able to capture moments without endless formal posing - and he completely delivered, we were absolutely blown away by the images.

Dan's pictures are full of personality which we'll treasure for years to come. He's also a lovely bloke, who became unofficial extra bridesmaid / flower arranger / train gatherer / MC and and all round top guy. He went above and beyond and we are so grateful.

After our wedding, he sent us a lovely gift box with printed photos, chocolates and even a lovely candle- he is an absolute class act.

We couldn't be happier with our decision to go with D&A.

Thank you Dan!! Holly & Tom x