Hey, I'm Dan, I set up D&A Photography at the piddly age of 13, it's been one hell of an incredible journey that has taken us all over the world. To places like Australia and Bali, to Tuscany and France all to capture beautiful weddings for amazing people!

I have a degree in Photography & Media Arts and yes, before you say it, you can study a degree in Photography! ha! So really I should have started this with Dan BA Hons.. blah blahh.. I am not going to do that as it will make me sound like a right BELL! haha! Ask to see my degree, go on, I have no idea where it is...

A big part of my approach as a photographer, is getting to know you guys so that on the wedding day itself, as cliche as it sounds, I can just be your pal, crack a joke, and be part of the day rather than being some weirdo in the corner with a camera. It really does make for better photos when you feel comfortable around the person taking them. My goal with every wedding I shoot is to just make the whole experience as fun and pain free as possible.

For me, it's all about good people and good vibes, I am not unaware that I am truly lucky to do this for a living and it's not something I take for granted, getting to travel and do what I love! By putting your trust in me to capture one of the most important days in your lives, in return I will put my whole heart into everything I do for you.

My favourite destination to shoot weddings is Tuscany, something about those rolling hills, stunning venues and that incredible Tuscan light! So if you are planning a Tuscany Wedding, hit us up! I'd love to come along! But I am just as happy to shoot your local UK wedding too. I truly believe that if you have the right mix of people and love, you could get married in your back garden and it could be magical!

I play numerous sports to an average to poor standard including football, badminton and tennis. I love being outdoors and I try to get a snowboard trip in with my mates when we are all free. I love the cinema, Theatre, Nandos and playing VR (Virtual reality) not necessarily in that order! I love a good meme and I am a total geek at heart.

Anyway, that's enough about me! Let's hear your story, I am a sucker for a good how we met and proposal so don't skimp on the deets when you enquire.

Hope to chat to you soon,



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TWIA East Of England Photographer of the Year
TWIA East Of England Photographer of the Year
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TWIA East Of England Photographer of the Year