Now, we know what you are thinking, big, bulky, probably smells a bit, right? Well, we are here to tell you times have changed. Fine Art Wedding albums are so much more now a-days! 

These are so much more than a book full of photos, these are works of art, and you will honestly never own a more beautiful piece of family history.


We have worked with Folio Albums for the last 6-7 years and we can honestly say, hand on heart they are the best we have seen and worked with! 

The attention to detail, and the print quality really are something a bit special!

You can print right down the middle of the spreads, as they are layflat which is an absolute dream. Meaning we can throw some epic images over a big spread and they just look... well, EPIC! 

Below and above are close ups of the pages, you can see the slight indent in the page where the fold goes.

Why do we need an album?

Wedding albums aren't just a book full of photographs, they are a way to re-live your wedding day. The images are printed on to fine art paper, so none of that glossy yucky-ness!

It's a piece of art and a piece of your families history. We strongly believe that print is still and will always be the best way to preserve and present your wedding photographs.

Don't condemn your wedding photos to a life behind a screen. They deserve more than that.

Watch the film

Here's our film showing the beautiful wedding albums! :)

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TWIA East Of England Photographer of the Year
TWIA East Of England Photographer of the Year
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