We will not forget about each other

With the UK heading into yet another nationwide lockdown starting on Thursday 5th November, the UK wedding industry is on it's knees once again. An entire year without work has been pretty damaging for our wonderful industry and all the amazing people that work within it. I was desperate to create something positive, that gives hope and makes people smile again about the industry that I have worked in and loved for 15 years!

Some of the best people I know I've met through this wonderful industry so it's been really awful to see how badly they and an entire sector has been affected this year. I for one lost a lot of work and have spent the majority of this year being pretty down about 2020, so to give myself a project and something to keep me busy I pulled this film together.

This film includes lots of wonderful wedding suppliers who I call friends and I am so lucky to have met such wonderful people along this journey, so a massive thank you to everyone who was part of this process.

There is no political agenda to this film, all I wanted to do was create a positive piece about our industry and let everyone know, that we support one another.
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